5 x 1000

With the 5 per thousand support the Corocastel! (only for italian taxes)

Every year you can allocate a portion of your income italian tax to Corocastel and support its activities.

How do this:

When filling out the forms for the declaration of income (CUD form, the model 730 or the Unico model), simply sign and indicate the tax code of the COROCASTEL ASSOCIATION in the appropriate space:


The choice to allocate 5 per thousand to Corocastel does not imply additional costs and does not exclude the membership of 8 per thousand.

Even those who do not have to submit their tax returns can; in any case, request the form from the employer or the pension provider and hand it over (completed and in a sealed envelope) to a post office, a bank counter, which receive them for free, or to an intermediary qualified for electronic transmission (CAF, accountants) , etc.). On the envelope it is necessary to write FIVE DESTINATION FOR ONE THOUSAND IRPEF and indicate the surname, name and tax code of the tax payer.

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