disco tra fanti e santi

Tra Fanti e Santi

(Between infantrymen and saints)

Between infantrymen ... and saints. A double collection of 20 pieces each with their own individuality, a stylistic and interpretative taste, their musical language that express the path and the research that Corocastel, today 50 years after its birth, wants to show and offer to its audience. A chorus born of the need, perhaps, to sing the "popular in polyphonic form" identifying, in it, the most important; simple means of uniting the voices of a group of friends making music. Today the chorus, proposes with a new look and wants to demonstrate with this CD box, sings the great classics (Hassler, Mendelsshon, Duruflè, etc.) but remains faithful to his style of origin with Monte Nero, Sui Monti Scarpazi or with other songs of popular inspiration, because Corocastel loves beautiful things, loves challenge and research ... and the satisfaction of reaching difficult goals and I repeat: beautiful! And from this will, and from the results obtained, here is closer to this still an amateur group, some great composer who, in the name of friendship and esteem, decides to give away some precious pearl. And so, at the conclusion of a series of pieces deliberately divided into popular-profane and sacred, which places the choir and its repertoire today between infantrymen and saints, after the compositions of its director, the songs of the alpine, light music and the sacred music, the box ends with a precious gift, Beati quorum via, dedicated by the master Mario Lanaro (Golden Castle 2002) to Corocastel. A gift packaged ad hoc: a sacred title - had it happened twenty or thirty years ago would have been a popular certainly - with the inclusion of the viola solo because in the choir he sings Igor, refined violist, and that stands out the potentiality; of the voices of the choir putting one of the most important in the forefront; beautiful and meaningful: that of our Renato! To embellish this original box the Corocastel wanted to "duet" with some talented solo artist: Alan Dario, Gianni Casagrande, David Liessi, Igor Dario, Michele Manfrè ... Also this collaboration is the testimony that music has no boundaries and that unity is strength! Best wishes to my Corocastel because, undertaken this wonderful choice to make music singing in chorus, while preserving the origins do not go back but always look forward!


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